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We provide Professionally Assisted Transport, commonly known as Non-Emergency Medical Transportation or “NEMT”. These are "non-emergency" situations, where rider is medically stable, but still in need of additional transportation assistance. We provide service to all wheelchair bound individuals who require transport to and from doctor appointments, dialysis, rehab, or relocating to a new residence or facility; as well as those who can ambulate (walk) with assistance, or use a cane or walker. 


We provide safe, friendly and on time services for clients able to walk with or without assistance.


Our vehicles are equipped with ADA approved manual lift ramp to ensure a stress free ride. 


A simple trip to/from the doctor or dentist office, urgent care, rehab facility, skilled nursing facility.


Book a trip to the store, hair appointment, family event we are able to accommodate most requests.

Book a trip TODAY! Click below or call 1-800-706-3703 for a quote

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Hours of Operation 

Monday – Friday 5am - 7pm 

Saturday 5am - 1pm 

Extended hours available by

appointment only

PHONE: 1-800-706-3703

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